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Antiviral Sanitisation Cleaning Serivce


We carry out a coronavirus deep cleaning service for all type of commercial premises. Our sanitising involves wiping down, fogging and spraying all touch points, surfaces, equipment and floors following the appropriate guidelines suggested by the UK government and Public Health institutions.

You can be help to stop coronavirus to spread, and avoid exposing to risk yourself,  your   customers and staff members.

You can book your Coronavirus disinfection service online,  it will take less than 30 seconds to book a disinfection service with us.
Our procedures and materials used follow  the certifications:

• EN 1276, EN 13697, EN 14476, EN 13727 - including MRSA, E.Coli, Norovirus, Influenza & Coronavirus.

• EN 1650, EN 13610, EN 14561, EN 1657, EN 16438, EN 14675.

Chose when you want it 
You can book your service for the most convenient date to you. 

We will send you an email confirming the available time slots for the date requested or the closest available date. 

Value for money
Our principal aim is to provide a Cost effective, long lasting, environmentally friendly sanitisation service.

We are constantly checking prices of similar disinfection and sanitisation services and will always give the lowest value we can as we understand everyone is facing financial constrains due to the pandemic.

This is how we disinfect your premises
What is this service?
Our Antiviral sanitisation and disinfection, also referred as coronavirus deep cleaning provides a professional germ and virus control service that will get your business back and running as quickly as possible.

How is it done?
We use a combination of manual surface cleaning and virucide fogging and spraying, in addition to ozone disinfection for areas that require a dry method, like computers and servers rooms, recording studios, transportation vehicles like vans, school buses, etc. 

Our technicians have been thoroughly trained to manually deep clean all the critical touchpoints with a strong virucide to ensure all high risk areas are completely disinfected. These areas and items include: door handles, soap dispensers, chairs and sofas, desk, tables, all type of furniture, sinks, taps, toilets, lift doors and buttons, panels, handrails, skirting boards, floors, staircase rails, etc.

All other areas and items are either fogged or sprayed with a non-toxic and UK made virucide, this enables us to cover a greater area in less time with greater efficiency. 

What product are used?
All our products are tested under BS EN 1276 that is the European standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants. To pass this standard, products must prove a germ kill rate of 99.999% with a 5 minute contact time.

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Antiviral Sanitisation Cleaning Serivce

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